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updated on March 23, 2023

To apply, send your application to: yvesmichaud@maisonphilemon.com

Job Description:

Prescription Optician

Do you...

  • When you find yourself in front of a tray of colorful frames, you feel like a kid in a candy store?
  • Do you like to take the time to talk to your client, get to know them and ask the right questions to better understand their visual needs?
  • Do you like to share your knowledge with your colleagues and help them better understand the concepts of the optical field?
  • For you, communicating constructively is the key to working well in a team?
  • You're looking for the right work-life balance, but you realize that's rare in our field?
  • The beauty of the environment around you makes you happy and you have stars in your eyes at the idea of going every day to an Instagrammable store?
  • You can so relate to the feeling your customer has when they say, "Finally, an eyewear store that offers different styles!
  • You're proud when you mention where you work and they say, "My friend picked up his glasses at your place and told me I had to go see you.

Do you recognize yourself in what you've just read? It's probably because you're the person we need to complete our team!

Who are we?

Philemon is an independent optical company that has set itself apart by doing things differently. We reinvent the concept of traditional eyewear and place the customer experience at the heart of our daily work:

  • Whether it's the way things are presented or a delicate attention that will bring a smile, we are constantly looking for the detail that will make our client's visit more gentle, warm and reassuring.
  • We help people in the Outaouais region discover the pleasure of matching their glasses to their personality. We broaden their horizons on what eyewear has to offer and we surprise them with exclusive, colorful and original collections.
  • Our "table service" formula ensures that frame selections are made in a personalized manner with professional guidance. All our frames are carefully arranged in trays. The client is seated comfortably and our team offers him selected models according to his needs and expectations.

Choosing to work at Philemon means opting for:

Customers of choice
Our customers look for quality products, as well as professional and attentive support. They choose Philemon because they trust us and know that we will help them find the perfect frames and offer them the best solutions for their visual challenges.

Golden colleagues
We're a small, tightly woven team. We like to laugh while we work, to push ourselves and reinvent ourselves. We challenge each other, we help each other, we respect each other. The owners, Dr. Yves Michaud (optometrist) and his wife Sophie Perrier-Côté (prescription optician) are on site and accessible. Parents of two young children, they understand the importance of work-family balance.

Quality of Life
With our light hours and flexibility on scheduling, it's easy to grow professionally while still having time for your family life and leisure.

Generous benefits

  • Group insurance including dental care, extended drug coverage, paramedical care and tele-medicine.
  • Annual dues to the Quebec Order of Prescription Opticians paid by the employer.
  • Employer-paid membership in the Quebec Opticians' Association and the Opticians' Association of Canada
  • Neighboring gym, yoga studio, stores, restaurants and various health professionals.
  • Indoor parking paid by the employer
  • Team building activities
  • 1 free pair of glasses per year and the possibility of obtaining more through team draws.
  • 1 free dry eye treatment per year
  • Discounts for your family and friends

***The candidate must appear on the roll of the Quebec Order of Opticians to hold this position***.

Job type: Full time, Part time, Permanent

Part-time hours: 20 - 40 per week

Salary: $27.00 to $35.00 per hour