Eyewear centered on a unique frame selection experience and designer frames
Private optometry clinic: preventive eye exams based on your needs and questions
Dry eye clinic with state-of-the-art treatment tools

Eyewear centered on a unique frame selection experience and designer frames

At Philémon, there are no frames on a board-we serve you! Whether you're looking for colorful/original or more classic/elegant frames, we'll guide you through materials (acetate, titanium, wood, marble...) and shapes (from simple to bold).

Don't be surprised if you hesitate between several favorites at the end of your selection: it's our strength to find frames that express your personality!

Preventive eye exam based on your needs and questions

Please note that we are a private clinic and do not accept RAMQ cards for exams.

At Philémon, we focus on your needs, and from the moment you book your appointment, we'll find out why you've come to see us and what problems you need to resolve. You'll also receive an e-mail questionnaire to fill out at home before your visit.

When you arrive for your appointment, you'll notice the level of detail of the examination with the pre-tests (about 15 minutes) where you'll do 4 different preventive screening tests (eyelids, ocular surface, fundus scan (retina) and visual field).

In the examination room (30 minutes), we'll confirm your needs and questions with the optometrist before the eye exam tests. At the end of the visit, the optometrist will put all the information together to tell you about your eye health, comfort and vision. He'll make sure all your questions have been answered, and make recommendations for your new eyewear.

When you leave the examination room, the optometrist will leave you in the care of one of our assistants to select your frames. He will transfer your eyewear needs and specific recommendations to optimize your comfort with your new glasses. This collaboration continues with the arrival of the optician to confirm your final choices and take measurements. You can allow around 1 hour for frame selection.

Your return to the front will also be an opportunity to obtain the dry eye products that are effective for your condition (all non-prescription products are available in the office) and to make an appointment for a dry eye evaluation if treatment is indicated, or for other examinations if certain elements of eye health require further investigation.

Please allow approximately 2 hours for your entire visit, including preliminary tests and the selection of your new eyewear.

Dry eye clinic with state-of-the-art treatment tools

At Philemon, the raison d'être of our dry eye clinic is to offer you the real solutions to dry eye problems. Many people mistakenly believe that their symptoms are normal (watery eyes in winter, fatigue in front of the screen) and that there are no solutions other than drops.

Since the arrival of Lipiflow, IPL and LLLT in dry eye care, much more can be done for severe cases that have not found solutions, but also to help beginner cases not progress to moderate or severe cases. Combined with the right products to relieve symptoms, excellent results can be achieved.

For more details, see our dry eyes section.

Other services

Specialty rigid contact lenses

For corneal deformities such as keratoconus or severe astigmatism, as well as for dry eye, Dr. Michaud fits Onefit 2.0 and Onefit MED rigid lenses, custom-made for incomparable vision and comfort. These lenses offer unrivalled comfort compared to the rigid lenses of the 60s and 90s.

Examination of children and babies

Dr. Michaud has extensive experience and all the tools needed to examine babies and toddlers from birth. The first examination is recommended at the age of 3 if there are no particular complaints, but as early as 6 months if parents have a concern (squinting eye, etc.). You can consult an optometrist for a baby from birth, but most visual functions (eye alignment in particular) are developed by 6 months. Following this initial examination, an examination with drops (cycloplegia) will be recommended shortly afterwards to properly assess refraction (finding important spectacle prescriptions masked by the child's accommodation).

Myopia control

The evolution of myopia in childhood and adolescence is one of the things we've never been able to do anything about in the past: we could only measure the progression. Treatments are now available to slow the progression of myopia (by around 50%). We offer spectacle lenses (Miyosmart), soft contact lenses (MiSight and Ability) and prescription drops. We do not offer rigid orthokeratology lenses (worn at night).