Emergency eye exam services, by appointment, available Wednesday to Friday, limited slots available, appointments by phone only, we cannot guarantee appointment availability.

The arrival of Dr. Catherine Schipilow-Michon, optometrist, allows us to see more emergency eye patients, even those who are not already patients at Philemon.

All visits for eye emergencies must be triaged, so please only call for an appointment (819) 643-4543 in the morning (phone lines open at 9 a.m., 10 a.m. on Thursdays), do not book an appointment online, and we do not book emergency visits for the following days.

We don't offer emergency service in the evening or on weekends; it's safer to go to a hospital emergency room if we can't see you in an eye emergency.

The optometrist may prescribe drops or certain oral medications to treat an infection such as conjunctivitis, keratitis or uveitis.

The optometrist can remove a foreign body (metal in the eye, sawdust in the eye, animal hair in the eye) and treat eye irritations such as a scratchy fingernail.

If you suspect you have a stye, chalazion, eyelid bump or swollen eyelid, we can treat these conditions.

If you think you have a retinal detachment, because you have symptoms such as black dots or filaments in your vision, flashes of light, blurred vision or a black curtain in front of your vision, we can examine you with dilation drops and refer you to a retinologist if you need treatment or reassure you that your retina is intact.

For any sudden onset of symptoms where you are unable to get an emergency appointment with us or another optometrist, please consult the nearest hospital emergency department. Even if you trust us, don't wait until Wednesday to contact us for a condition that starts on Saturday.