Clear Care

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Cleaning and disinfecting solution with 3% hydrogen peroxide

Triple cleansing action
1- Deep cleans
2- Removes dirt
3- Improves protein removal


The package contains:
- 2 sterile bottles of 360 mL
- 2 special cases necessary for the neutralization of the solution

To achieve proper disinfection of your lenses, you must follow all instructions.
1- Use only the special CLEAR CARE lens case with the neutralization discs, supplied with each new CLEAR CARE bottle.
2- Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses.
3- Place the lenses in the baskets of the special CLEAR CARE lens case and rinse them thoroughly with CLEAR CARE solution for at least 5 seconds.
4- Fill the special lens case with fresh CLEAR CARE solution, up to the line.
5- Place the lens basket in the special CLEAR CARE lens case, tighten the cap and allow disinfection to occur for 6 hours before using the lenses or soak your lenses overnight (or up to 7 days).
6- Do not shake the special lens case.
7- After soaking for 6 hours, lenses are ready to wear. No final rinse with saline solution is necessary unless requested or recommended by your eye care professional.
Discard the neutralized disinfectant from the cup.