Omega 3 liquid 200 mL

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The liquid Omega-3 PRN serves to reduce the inflammation present on the edge of the eyelids which is partly responsible for the obstruction of the glands of Meibomius.

  • Omega-3 PRN are easily assimilated because they are made up of triglycerides. They contain 1680 mg of EPA and 560 mg of DHA per teaspoon (5 mL), which means that one teaspoon per day is sufficient for dry eye treatment.
  • One bottle contains 200 mL, so 50 days (almost 2 months) of treatment
  • Omega-3s are used daily in the treatment of dry eyes on a long-term basis

See your pharmacist before taking Omega-3 if you are taking Aspirin or other blood thinning medication.

Also available in the Dry Eye Starter Set.